Guided tours of the Washington, DC area

Thank you for helping to make the trip special!



Thank you, Russ. We had a fabulous time b/c of you!



Russell did a great job. Traffic was very heavy during the week which slowed us down. There were also unforeseen problems at the Capitol which changed our plans a bit. Russ handled this all very smoothly, and we were able to visit all of the places on our itinerary.


Program Leader

Weston HS (MA)

Thank you for enriching our trip to D.C. We learned so much from you!

Program Leader

St. Charles School

Thanks. A lot of positive feedback from the group. Enjoy Spring!


HMR Tech (VA)

Russell relates well to our students. He brings DC to life. We would like him on our 2018 trip.


Program Leader

Velma Hamilton Middle School (WI)

It has been an extraordinary experience. You were so informative with just the right amount of information. Thank you for your graciousness and patience with the boys.



Russ was fantastic! So patient with the kids as well as the parents. He was very flexible all along the way and really made our time in DC very fun and memorable. He is a very kind man with a lot of knowledge that he shared with us. I will definitely recommend Russ for our group going next year!


Program Leader

St. Lawrence Martyr School (CA)

Heard great things from kids and chaperones that had Russ.

Program Leader

Western Middle School (MI)

You made our trip so fun and informative! Thank you!

Tony, Judy, Andrew, Victoria, and Nicholas


Dear Russ,
Thank you for making our trip to Washington, DC extraordinary with your guided night time tour of the monuments! Best wishes!


Group Leader

Milton High School Band (FL)

Thank you, Russ, for the great trip!


Group Leader

Windam Middle School (NH)

Dear Russ,
Thank you for being such a great tour guide. We learned a great deal of information from you today. May God richly bless you and your family!


Boston Missionary Baptist Church (MA)

Thank you, Russ!
We are grateful for your great guiding around the cities [Washington, Philadelphia and New York!
Thank you for pleasantly getting us from place to place. We covered a lot of ground and learned a lot along the way!
Thank you for everything!

Group Leader

Bowdle and Frederick High Schools (SD)

Dear Russ,
Thank you for making D.C. come to life for us.




Thank you for being a part of our trip to DC this past weekend! We had a fabulous time.



Fidelity National Title Insurance (FL)